Pre-Holiday Fitness Challenge


Welcome to the Ballston Spa Fitness Pre-Holiday Fitness Challenge!  The Holidays are approaching quickly. It’s easy to let your health and fitness goals fall to the way side.  We’re here to help keep you on track, have some fun and give you a chance to not only make those health and fitness deposits but deposits in your BSF account! That’s right! You have a chance to earn BSF dollars to bank toward future class passes, memberships or BSF merchandise!

Here’s how to play:

  1. Complete the registration form below and submit the entry fee.
  2. Add services, i.e. class passes or membership to your account through Mindbody.  Plans will only be sent to clients with available services and accounts in good standing.
  3. You will receive your first two-week Plan (Weeks 1-2).  Follow the Plan according to your designated player status (i.e. Beginner (New) or Intermediate/Advanced).
  4. Follow your Workout Requirements & Nutrition Guide to advance to Weeks 3-4 & 5-6, etc.  Submit your worksheet to a BSF Coach. Each 2 Week segment completed will be rewarded.