About Us

BALLSTON SPA FITNESS is a fitness and weight loss program focusing on target heart rate and interval training.

BSF is different. It’s hard. It’s demanding. It’s FUN! Your certified personal trainer will lead you through a motivational fitness program designed to put you in the best shape of your life.

You’ll be surrounded by a supportive instructor and other team members, who, just like you want to make dramatic changes in their physical and mental well being. At BSF, we will challenge you to push yourself to reach new fitness levels and we promise you’ll have fun doing it!

Our program has been designed with safe and effective exercises stressing proper form, technique and safety. Your trainer puts your health and fitness first and will be happy to modify your workouts so that any pre-existing injury doesn’t prevent you from attaining your goals now.

Tiffany Robyck


Lisa Mitzen

Stacey Denisulk

Stephanie Duell

Tiffany Robyck, founder/owner of Ballston Spa Fitness

  • AFAA Certified Personal Trainer
  • ACE Certified Group Exercise Instructor
  • TRX Certified Trainer
  • JNL Fusion Certified Trainer
  • Gliding Basic Training
  • Sculpt Fusion
  • CPR/AED and First Aid
  • Biggest Loser® Pro, Program Certified by AFAA
  • NPC Bikini Level Competitor


I have been helping the people of Ballston Spa and beyond get in shape, get healthier and improve their lifestyles since 2010.

I believe that with proper guidance anyone can achieve the level of fitness they desire. Whether your goal is to lose weight, develop strength or improve your level of sports conditioning, I can help you get there. I have watched my clients lose body fat, lower their cholesterol levels, improve in their sports performance and pass their military physical fitness tests. My hope and dream is to help everyone who has the desire, achieve the conditioning and bodies they never thought possible.

I love boot camp workouts! I started Ballston Spa Boot Camp as a way to help people get in shape and improve their conditioning in the shortest and safest amount of time possible. I have been a member of gyms for most of my adult life. I have witnessed people in the gym with no direction, plan or guidance. I see people doing the same exercises day after day, grabbing magazines and hopping on a cardio machine and never change. To me, this is so boring and it’s probably why most people don’t stick to a fitness plan.

I began participating in boot camps as a client in 2008. I found the FUN in working out again. With this newly rekindled passion for working out and having fun with a group, I starting running 5ks, did my first triathalon in 2010, shed 30 lbs and started competing in bodybuilding (something I always wanted to do). I want to share my passion, experience and knowledge to inspire others to set new goals and lead healthier, more productive lives, while having fun!

I want to help you workout safely and correctly, but in an environment that challenges you physically and mentally. I want to get you out of your gym rut and do things you never thought possible!

Lisa Mitzen

I graduated college in 1991 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. It was in the midst of a recession and jobs weren’t easy to come by. With my history working as a summer bank teller, I was fortunate enough to be hired in a permanent position at the bank. I eventually worked my way up and into the Mortgage Lending division. I had a very successful career in mortgage lending but it came with a tremendous amount of stress and pressure. The long hours took a toll on my health and I knew that I needed to make some changes. I started eating healthier and I found tremendous stress relief through fitness. I started running 5k’s, joined the local YMCA, did some hiking, dabbled at a few short triathlons and eventually worked my up to running three marathons. One day, a good friend of mine said ‘you have to try this gym in Ballston Spa’. I was tired of my fitness routines and was up for something different so I figured why not!

I started attending the weekend warrior classes on Saturday mornings in 2012 and doing some one-on-one personal fitness training with Tiffany Robyck. I found Ballston Spa Fitness to be a wonderful, non-intimidating gym with such great energy and a variety of workouts to hold my attention. I was quickly addicted! With Tiffany’s expertise and encouragement, along with the support of my husband, I resigned from my Mortgage position in the fall of 2013 and started focusing on obtaining my Personal Fitness Certification. At the time, I was 45 and decided a change of this magnitude was now or never!

After successfully completing the certification process, I joined the Ballston Spa Fitness team of trainers. I thoroughly enjoy assisting clients with their personal fitness goals. It is incredibly rewarding and fun. I am also able to relate to busy career people that are trying to squeeze workouts into their schedules. I understand the frustration that accompanies that.

Ballston Spa Fitness is my second family and I am so very happy to be working with such fabulous clients and a great group of professional fitness trainers.

Stacey Denisulk

My journey for the love of fitness started 5 years ago when I decided to join Ballston Spa Fitness.  In the past I had never joined a gym nor had I ever committed to any kind of gym membership.  As a mother of 3 young children at the time, it was hard to make time for myself. I felt totally content working out in the basement of my home, but lacked the comradery and motivation to take myself to the next level.  Fast forward a year and a half later,  I decided to get certified as a Personal Trainer through AFAA.  My new found love for fitness and the passion I had with helping people brought to me where I am today. Helping people reach their fitness goals in their journey to a healthy lifestyle has been a dream come true.  These past 2 years with BSF has been a pleasure working with some pretty incredible people that wanted the same thing I was looking for 5 years ago. With that being said, I was once in your position at one time or another and know it's going to be hard at times, but this is your journey...Believe and you're halfway there!!

Stephanie Duell

Hi! I’m Stephanie Duell. I’m a single mom of two children living in Ballston Spa.  My children are ages 11 and 7.  I understand how challenging it can be to find time to workout! My family keeps me pretty busy but I’ve learned to make time for myself.  The best thing about learning to take care of myself is I get to share that goal and passion with the clients of Ballston Spa Fitness!

Fitness hasn’t always been in my life. I became a client of BSF in the summer of 2010. After having two children, I felt tired and my body went through some changes.  I kept seeing signs for Ballston Spa Boot Camp everywhere and I called and got information and decided it was time to try it out.   I joined with a friend.  The first couple of weeks were really hard and we both struggled a lot.  Then I started to see a change.  Not so much on the scale, or even in my clothes, yet.  I started to notice my strength and stamina improving.  I had more endurance to jog a little longer and was able to keep up with the other clients.  Working out became a great escape from daily life and I was addicted.  Once I created the habit of working out, I started to change my eating habits and that is when I really started to see the difference in my body.

After training for a year and a half with BSF, I decided to get AFFA certified and become a personal trainer for Ballston Spa Fitness.  I’ve been certified for two and a half years and I absolutely love what I do.  I love all the clients and the trainers.  I love helping clients achieve their fitness goals.   Fitness isn’t just a workout with hard work and dedication it can be a life changing event.  It was for me!!!